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Localization and Language Translation Services:

Triniti Studios has in-house development staff who are native speakers of English and Japanese, as well as a professional translation team that includes simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, Thai, and Malaysian. Whether it is for your web project, print material, or promotional video, we can help design in any of the aforementioned languages. We do not use electronic dictionaries or machine translation software. We take the human approach and consider cultural differences and wording that would be natural to your target audience.



Want to expand your product or service into the Japanese market? With our experienced team of native translators and digital marketers right here in Japan, we can help introduce what you have to offer.

Whether it is a trending gadget or popular online lesson, more and more Japanese are becoming interested in the latest trends. However, the language barrier is one major obstacle; added to the difficulties of searching in English makes it that much more challenging.

At Triniti Studios, we have been in the Japanese marketing industry for over a decade, producing broadcast TV commercials for major league sports teams and real estate corporations to multi-language translations for tourist brochures and websites. Our unique experience and understanding of the market and culture in Japan can help give your business an advantage in reaching millions of untapped customers.

Multi-lingual Design


Visitors to your webpage that have access to their own language, leads to a higher chance that they will become a customer. This is a proven fact.

We have all seen brochures, menus, and store signage with small spelling mistakes or improper grammar. With our native-language staff, you can be rest assured that your marketing material will not have these problems.

In addition, designing in multiple languages means that we also take into consideration the typography (text layout) and how English letters or Asian kanji characters differ in affecting the branding consistency and overall design of your project.

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